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Bing Ads Management

What is Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads?

Microsoft Advertising (often called ‘Bing Ads’) is Microsoft’s digital advertising platform that allows advertisers to run ad campaigns across its network. Similar to Google Ads, you can set up campaigns that show text, image or shopping ads on Bing and its partner sites.

There are three main Bing Ads campaign types: Search, Display ('Audience') and Shopping.

I already use Google Ads – why should I use Bing Ads?

In short: with Bing Ads you can reach an audience that you can’t reach with Google Ads. Running Google Ad campaigns only means you are missing out on everyone who is not using Google as their main search engine.

Microsoft Advertising is often underestimated when it comes to digital marketing strategy planning due to its smaller market share compared to the giant that is Google. Smaller doesn’t mean less relevant though and we see good results generated by Bing campaigns often with a lower price, lower CPCs and lower cost per conversion.

Our approach to Bing Ads management

If you already run Google Ads campaigns, then your campaigns can be easily imported into Microsoft Advertising. However, before simply copying everything, we take the time to evaluate your Google Ads performance and work out for which campaigns it makes most sense to use them in Bing Ads and which budget is appropriate.

We will take into consideration any learnings and results from Google Ads campaigns but still approach your new Bing Ads campaigns open-minded. Ongoing testing and optimising are crucial for your campaigns’ success – there is no one-size-fits-all approach and what worked well last year might not work anymore this year.

In addition to our client experience, we are also fully Certified Professionals in Microsoft Advertising meaning we passed all official Microsoft certification exams that are currently available. 









How much does it cost?


Microsoft Advertising is typically less expensive than Google Ads. Fewer advertisers run Bing Ads campaigns which result in lower competition and lower CPCs (cost-per-click). This means that often on Bing you can get more clicks and conversions for the same budget than on Google.


Generally, we recommend starting with a minimum budget of $1,000/month for a small number of campaigns. We will help you working out the right budget for your Bing campaigns to meet your business goals and set the right expectations.

If you are ready to get started with Microsoft Advertising, get in touch to schedule a free intro consultation.

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