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How Google & Meta Ads Helped An Ecommerce Business To Boost Sales

Updated: Apr 29

Case study for Country Comfort Water Heater

The client

The client runs an e-commerce store that sells portable LPG water heaters Australia-wide. Country Comfort was the original and first certified to bring a portable LPG camp/shower system to the Australian market in 2012. For a long time, their main sales channel were exhibitions, trade shows and partnerships with trailer companies.


The main objective of running paid ads was to shift the majority of sales online and be less dependent on attending in-person events. They tried some small Google Ads campaigns in-house but lacked the expertise and did not see the results they were hoping for.

Country Comfort has a well-established online presence with an excellent, long-term SEO strategy in place. Their main target audiences are campers, horse owners and dog owners.

Our approach

We started by evaluating the current paid ads situation, website setup and Google Analytics data to get insights into past performance and learnings. Based on that, we planned a multi-channel strategy including different campaign types to meet the client’s budget and achieve their targets.

We started with a combination of Google Search, Shopping and DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns which quickly showed great results. One Meta campaign was set up for Remarketing plus a second one to attract new audiences and reach the three main target audiences (campers, horse and dog owners). The Meta campaigns were planned only temporarily for the EOFY sales period but due to good performance, the client was willing to increase the budget and keep them going.

“I've been working with Janina since June to help our business grow. I have to say, not only is she lovely to deal with she is very professional and definitely knows what she is talking about. Our business is benefiting from her Google expertise and we are looking forward to seeing the progress over time. Thank you Janina.” - Rhonda, Country Comfort Water Heater

We conducted regular campaign optimisation and reviews on both channels including testing new keywords, ad copy variations and different ad formats. We also experimented with a Performance Max campaign but didn’t see the results we were expecting. It also seemed to damage the Shopping campaign performance, so the decision was made to strengthen the Shopping campaign instead which in the subsequent months improved even further in sales.

A Google Remarketing campaign was set up and tested, too, and even though it went well it couldn’t reach the top performance of the Meta Remarketing campaign in terms of sales and ROAS. More budget was shifted to Meta Remarketing instead and we added a dynamic Remarketing to the existing standard Remarketing campaign which turned out to be a top-selling combination.

Overall, it seems to be the winning combination for this client to use Google Search and Shopping for high-intent search followed by Remarketing ads across Meta placements. Additionally, Meta’s detailed targeting options allow us to connect with new audiences and keep filling the top of the funnel.

Key results for Google Ads

  • ROAS: average 3.75 with up to 5.8 during peak periods

  • Conversion Rate: on average between 3-5.3%

  • Total sales conversions: 569 since starting in June 2023

Key results for Meta Ads

  • Meta ROAS: account average 3.69 with Remarketing campaigns reaching up to 15.1 during peak periods

  • Total sales conversions: 174

  • Average Link CTR: 2.53%

A graph showing clicks, conversions, conversion value and ROAS data in Google ADs
Google campaign development 2023-2024

Next steps

We have been working with Country Comfort for almost a year now and looking forward to keep improving their accounts. Now that we have performance data and learnings from nearly 12 months, we can use these insights to get even better results in the months ahead.

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