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Using Lead Generation to grow a local Small Business

Case Study – Stone Benchtops Direct

Stone Benchtops Direct is a small business that works with local stone suppliers to provide quartz, marble and porcelain benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

We started working with this client in November 2020. They previously engaged another agency but were disappointed with their service due to poor communication, unreliable tracking and reporting and the feeling of not being listened to.


The client’s goal was to establish their position in the Sydney market with the long-term goal of expanding to other Australian cities. To achieve this, they required a constant flow of high-quality leads through their website with a focus on kitchen benchtops as these are the most profitable part of the business.

Our Approach

After evaluating the client’s situation, we started planning and building new campaigns based on the clients business goals. We used data from Google Analytics, Search Console and the old Google Ads campaigns to get an idea of historical performance and any learnings from the past.

"From the very beginning Janina took the time to understand our business history and future ambitions which enabled her to develop a Google Adwords strategy that has significantly increased traffic to our website. The subsequent increase in activity has allowed us to expand our business faster then anticipated." - Craig, Founder of Stone Benchtops Direct

Campaigns were built following Google Ads best practices such as doing a comprehensive keyword research, effective ad copy writing and testing multiple distinctive ad variations (Expanded Text Ads at that time).

We set up and tested conversion tracking to measure outcomes and get reliable data for campaign optimisation.

Lead numbers started growing quickly but our goal was to create a long-term strategy for consistent high-quality lead generation. This included, for example, ongoing testing of keywords, keyword match types and ad copy variations. Non-converting keywords were paused and location specific keywords were added which helped increase conversion rates.

We switched from Expanded Text to Responsive Search Ads the moment they became available and used the power of DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) to capture those extra search queries that keyword-based campaigns can’t cover.

In addition to Google Ads management, we worked closely with an experienced SEO consultant to build relevant landing pages and streamline Google Ads and SEO efforts to maximise conversions.

In early 2022, Stone Benchtops Direct entered into the Melbourne market and the new campaigns could keep up with Sydney lead numbers within two months.

Key Results

Comparing the new campaigns created by JK Digital with the campaigns of the previous agency.

  • Number of leads increased by 276%

  • Total of 1,901 conversions (leads)

  • Cost per lead dropped by 65%

  • Conversion Rate increased from 3.84% to 5.76%

  • Average CPC (cost-per-click) dropped from $2.07 to $1.06

  • CTR (click-through-rate) increased from an average of 2.20% to 5.10%

"We consider Janina to be a critical member of our team as opposed to a vendor we engage, and would highly recommend her services." - Craig, Founder of Stone Benchtops Direct

Next Steps

Stone Benchtops Direct is a great example of a success story between a small business and a marketing agency. We have been working together for over two years, have consistently grown campaign performance and currently prepare the launch of the Brisbane market entry.

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