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Remarketing 101: What, Why & How To Get Started

Remarketing is an integral part of every comprehensive digital marketing strategy and there are plenty of options to suit every type of business. This blog post explains the basic concept of Remarketing, the benefits, available channels and how to get started.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an audience-targeting strategy that aims at re-engaging with previous visitors and turn them into customers. In other words, you follow people who interacted with your business across the web, social media or YouTube.

Your Remarketing audience can include people who visited your website, engaged with your social media profile or posts and even customers on your CRM email list.

What are the benefits of Remarketing?

You worked hard to achieve this first touchpoint with a potential new customer, now don’t let them go! They showed an interest in your brand and spent time to get to know you, so you want to bring them back to your website to continue the customer journey.

It is normal for people to do research and also check competitors before making a purchase decision. The process from the first interaction to the final purchase or signup is rarely linear but involves multiple steps. Remarketing is your chance to remind visitors of your business before they buy from a competitor.

While most businesses can benefit from Remarketing, it is a particularly effective strategy for ecommerce businesses. You can target cart abandoners (people who added products to the shopping cart but didn’t complete checkout) and retarget them with exactly the same products they were looking at on your website.

Which marketing platforms offer Remarketing?

Remarketing is available in various forms on Google Ads and Social Media platforms and the decision of which one to pick depends on your business goals, types of business and audience.

Google Ads

  • Display Ads: Display Remarketing is the most popular option in Google Ads. You can use image or video ads that follow people throughout the web, for example, on blogs, online newspapers or in apps.

  • Video Ads: Video ads on YouTube are a great option if you have high-quality video content that can be turned into short, catchy video ads.

  • Text Ads: RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) are text ads that appear on Google Search if the user returns to Google to do another search. This one is less frequently used but can still be effective if you make use of clever ad copy writing techniques to enage with the user.

Social Media

  • Meta: Remarketing on Meta is widely used and allows you to reconnect with users on Facebook and Instagram through image and video ads.

  • Linkedin: Linkedin Remarketing lets you retarget users on Linkedin with image, video or personal message ads.

Best practices to get started

Create (or review) your Retargeting audiences

  • Google: If you use Google Analytics 4, you already have an “All visitors” audience that will be available for you to use in Google Ads. You can also upload customer email lists from your CRM.

  • Meta: Go to the Audience section to set up audiences for people who visited your website, your social media profiles or engaged with your content. You can also upload CRM lists.

  • Linkedin: Go to the Audience tab in the Plan section and create audiences for website visitors, company page visitors or subscribers from your CRM data.

Set up a Converters audience

You don’t want to waste money on people who already purchased or enquired. We recommend adding these Converters to a separate audience and exclude them from your Remarketing campaign (this requires you to have conversion tracking set up).

Set up Remarketing in its own campaign

Don’t mix up Remarketing with Prospecting campaigns but keep Remarketing in a separate campaign. This makes it easier to evaluate performance, control budget and customise ad messages and creatives.

Simply add your targeted remarketing audience and exclude the Converters audience. Then customise ad copy and landing pages accordingly, for example, offer a discount code to card abandoners to encourage them to make the purchase.

If you need help getting started with Remarketing, get in touch with our team at JK Digital and we’re happy to help.

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